Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Fix - What's Next...?

After my post a couple of days ago on The Fix's successor I've continued to work on the first draft. I've broken 15,000 words (just, 21 to be exact). However, most importantly the ideas continue to flow. More than I can commit to paper right now, which is a major win.

I'm most pleased with the germ of an idea for the double bluff and who's going to be on the receiving (& even better the delivering) end. So another character appears (with a sufficiently dubious name, as always) & he has quite a significant role to play. It does mean some minor readjustment which I'll put in place tonight. However I don't like to spend a lot of time editing as I go, for me it makes it harder to push the story forward. I want to look to the future, not the past. The backwards look will come when the draft is all down. I know there will be holes to fill. So a few notes in the side columns to prompt me & the same in the outline will do it. For now.

I also mentioned that Lamb & Konstantin were drumming their fingers. Although Broadie has been a lot of fun it feels like the detective pair are dwindling into the distance, so I'm revisiting their parts too. I've finished the cafe chapter and the pair are happy to be playing again, believe you me. Because I'm writing this in the same 1st / 3rd person alternate chapters again (I like the pace & opportunity for varied perspectives) I was ending up with a growing number of blank pages to fill in. Therefore I'd congratulate myself at getting to say 40 pages only to then realise a large percentage are a big, fat white space. Lamb and Konstantin are running hard to catch up & fill in the blanks. Then, before I become too unfamiliar with Broadie I'll kick hih on a few scenes.

Still no idea of a title, but frankly that's the least of my concerns. Oh, and the blurb will be out of date now too! Small price to pay...

On The Fix, another satisfied customer is about to post good reviews on amazon & their blog page. More to follow on this as the reviews come in. The style & content do seem to be peasing on the eye - their words not mine.

All for now with another indie book review to follow from Books & Pals...

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