Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Fix - What's Next?

Right, I feel it's time to start talking about the next book (well that's not quite right, I have a historical fiction book coming out in February, but more about that another time). This one is the follow up to The Fix.

The reviews and feedback for The Fix have been excellent, I'm delighted and humbled. It's been a few months since The Fix came out so it felt right just before Christmas to work on the follow up - it is not a sequel.

I haven't got a title yet (it's usually the last item I finalise) so let's call it 'Switch'. But I've got characters, good characters doing bad things. Which means I've a vehicle to drive the story. For me characters are everything - this is the case in life, right? Without friends, family, enemies what are we? Up to you to decide but I need people around me.

So briefly, without giving the plot away too much (primarily because I haven't got all of it figured out yet!) 'Switch' sees the return of Mr Lamb and Konstantin. A very minor character (like blink and you'll have missed him minor) from The Fix plays a big part.

A work in progress blurb:

David Broadie, literally once ace reporter is on a serious downward slide with soon to be ex-wife, ex-job and ex-bank balance hanging around his neck. Until he receives a phone call. From a dead man. Then it could be ex-life.

The hilarious follow up to The Fix sees the return of Mr Lamb and his KGB partner Konstantin pursuing the same ends with different means. Dodgy dealing, murder and a multitude of sarcasm...

I'm about 12,500 words in. I'm delighted with the way David Broadie is working out, so much so I'm working on the two story strands separately. Mr Lamb and Konstantin are currently impatiently drumming their fingers on the table in a cafe waiting to enter stage left. They'll have to wait a bit longer unfortunately.

I'm planning a big double bluff. As is true to form I haven't figured out the how yet, but I'm working towards it. At about 1,000 words a day...

Have a good weekend.

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