Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Fix - Latest News & Update

It's been far too long since my last blog post, sorry. The main reason is time, more specifically a lack of it. Unfortunately I've a day job for one, but I've also been reading and reviewing (more of these to follow) but most importantly, working hard on the follow up to The Fix. Still no title as yet but the words are flowing relatively well - within shouting distance of 30,000 words in a first draft. Not bad, I can live with that.
On the other had the above cover is an endangered species. I like the fact that it's bright and strong, however the feedback to date is it doesn't convey what's inside.
With a new cover also comes an endorsement from Tony Black, acclaimed author of the Gus Drury series, among others.
So a new one is on the way. More to follow...
Back to the follow-up. Of course as they do the sands of the story keep shifting. A couple of days ago a new character sneaked up on me, Shed McGavin he's currently called (although names do change with the character traits). He's a nasty piece of work, almost as bad as his boss. This has put the main character's story on hold for now until I properly understand the ripples and how they affect the story. One thing's for sure it's better for his arrival, a lot more intrigue has been added. I'd love to say more but it's as yet an untold story...

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  1. Yeah, it's a great cover but I'm not sure what it's saying. HOWEVER, I wouldn't throw it out with the bathwater yet. Define what's lacking in a word and a good artist may be able to add a small element that delivers what it needs. This is a bright, unique, colorful cover and it deserves pampering, IMO.